“I was so afraid to try yoga again after being away from it for over 10 years. Susan’s class was the perfect way to get back into to it”
- Lisa M, Age 50

“I’ve put on a few pounds and don’t feel comfortable going to a regular studio. Susan is so accepting and non judgmental. She creates that tone for her classes”
- Anne J., Age 62

“Before I took Susan’s class, I couldn’t bend down and tie my shoe. Now I can and even go up the stairs with no problems”
- Debby P, Age 67

“I am not a bendy girl and have a tough time in groups. I went to a yoga studio in Boston and felt like because I couldn’t do the poses like the instructor, that everyone was looking at me. I felt shame. But, when I went to Susan’s class (the first one Ive taken since my Boston incident) It was nothing like that. She starts with props – not as an after that if you CANT do the pose. She’s wonderful! I’ve kept up with my yoga because of how she presented it. Thank you, Susan!!”
- Laura K, Age 33